50 Good Taglines for Freelance Writers (Catchy Phrases & Slangs)

Good taglines for freelance writers help them stand out in the crowd. The tagline is the first thing a customer sees when they visit your LinkedIn profile. It defines your persona, your specialities and your capabilities as a freelance writer. A  tagline grabs the attention of your potential client at the very first moment and creates the all-important favorable first impression.

A couple of taglines that freelance writers can use are Content For A Brighter Future; Work Hard, Write Harder; Writing Your Lines, We Care, Compassionate Writing For Passionate Companies. 

Read on below to learn what a good tagline is, examples of good taglines for freelance writers how to write one.

What is a Tagline?

A tagline, also called a byline or a baseline, is a memorable, often pithy statement following a brand name that adjoins a special differentiating quality, separating your brand from your competitors. It is the one thing that makes your customer remember who you are. The tagline is a brief, eye-catching phrase or a witty or quirky remark, no longer than a maximum of 10 to 12 words.

A tagline, also called a byline or a baseline, is a memorable, often pithy statement following a brand name that adjoins a special differentiating quality, separating your brand from your competitors. In other words, it helps you differentiate your brand image from that of other brands. A tangible and emotive tagline helps to generate memorability. It puts you at the top of the mind of your potential customers. It makes your customer remember who you are.

Thus, the ideal tagline for a freelance writer to use is a brief, eye-catching phrase, or a witty or quirky remark, no longer than a maximum of 10 to 12 words. This first impression is of tremendous importance. It incentivizes and energizes the client to look for further details about your job profile.

Taglines for Freelance Writers: How to Write a Good One?

A good tagline has an inevitable and instantaneous dramatic effect that entices the reader to stop and consider the profile. A good tagline catches even the casual visitor’s interest. A professional tagline defines you and your brand, giving the reader at first glance, the idea and image that you represent. A good tagline is short, and immediately conveys to the reader who you are, what you do, and what services you provide.

What Do Freelance Writers Need a Tagline For?

Freelance writers need taglines to be more

First Impressions

The tagline creates the first impression that your potential customers have of you. If the customer gets interested in you at the first glance at your tagline, there is a good chance that you will be subsequently onboard for their project.


The world being connected globally, now has numerous companies offering the same products and services. Being a writer, thus, it becomes important to differentiate yourself from everyone else. Having a unique, catchy and memorable tagline makes you significantly different from your competition.

Connecting with the Customer

A short, witty and memorable tagline is often remembered by those who read it. This is because any good tagline will not only have a temporary eye-catching effect on the superficial level, but will stay with the reader on a deeper level. A tagline should connect to the customer on an emotional level, creating a connection between them and your brand.

50 Amazing Taglines for Freelance Writers to Use

  1. My Words, Your Sales
  2. Your Problems, My Solutions
  3. Written Words That Inspire And Influence
  4. The Mightier Pen
  5. Strategic Content for Business Growth
  6. Empowering Brands with Engaging Content Strategies
  7. Professional Writing for Impactful Communication
  8. Aligning Words With Your Business Vision
  9. Professional Writing for a Digital World
  10. Your Corporate Storyteller
  11. Bringing Your Story to Life
  12. Words That Win Business
  13. Tailored Solutions For Your Unique Needs
  14. Writing that Resonates
  15. Where Every Word Drives Value
  16. Where Quality Content Meets Business Strategy
  17. Ink That Ignites
  18. Writing that Makes a Statement
  19. Writing for Next-Generation Brands
  20. Innovative Ideas, Inked
  21. Transforming Thoughts into Triumphs
  22. Crafting Compelling Narratives for Your Brand
  23. Writing that Sells
  24. Let’s Write the Future Together
  25. Your Source for High-Quality Content Solutions
  26. Turning Insights into Impact
  27. Your Vision, Versed
  28. Articulating Ambitions, Achieving Dreams
  29. Crafting Content, Cultivating Success
  30. Unleashing the Power of Words and Ideas
  31. Wielding Words for the Win
  32. Writing with Intention
  33. Transforming Thoughts into Triumphs
  34. Writing for the Dynamic Marketplace
  35. Pen That Powers Business Progress
  36. Customized Solutions, Delivered With Care
  37. Making a Difference One Word at a Time
  38. Where Professionalism Meets Prose
  39. Turning Ideas Into Action, Independently
  40. Because Great Stories Deserve Great Writing
  41. Words that Lead, Writings that Change
  42. Power of the Pen
  43. Writing Dreams Into Narratives
  44. Elevating Brands with Elegance
  45. Your Blueprint for Success, Written with Excellence
  46. Engineering Narratives for Success
  47. Making Every Word Matter
  48. Writing with a Purpose
  49. Scripting Success Stories
  50. Bridging Creative Genius with Business Impact

How To Create Your Own Tagline

As a writer, when writing yourself a tagline, there are a few things you should take care of. While these are not absolute necessities, they certainly do help put you to the forefront when an employer looks up your work profile.


As mentioned before, choose a tagline that jumps to the reader’s eyes. The customer will likely sort through a number of freelancing writer profiles before arriving at yours. In such cases, you need a unique and striking statement that will catch your customer’s attention off-guard, and will give them something to look forward to as they further browse your details to decide if you are the perfect candidate for their project.

Purpose: Identify Your Target Audience

Before thinking of your own tagline, set your goal and identify your purpose. Consider which niche of writing you are aiming for. If you are looking for a position in the corporate sector, or in technical writing your tagline needs to be slightly formal. On the other hand, if you are aiming to write for a magazine, blog site or newspaper column, your tagline can be more on the quirky and conversational end. In either case, make sure your tagline defines you, aligns with the kind of content you write, and is suitable for the kind of work you are looking for.

Highlight Your Proposition

Secondly, highlight for your customer your value proposition. State clearly what you can add to the customer’s company, and how your skills will be beneficial, and add value to the job role. Take for example, Amazon’s tagline “A to Z”. It is short, yet intelligently describes the services that the company offers.

Keep It Short and Use Simple Language

Use simple language, without complicating the terms. A short tagline is easy to read, and hard to avoid. Try not to use complex word structures that have to be disentangled by your reader. Make sure your tagline also takes into account your personal experience.

Language Technique

For a good tagline for a freelance writer, use the literary devices: alliteration, rhyme and wordplay. These are naturally engaging, and instantaneously pique the reader’s interest.

Be Consistent and Keep Relevance In Mind

Once you have your perfect tagline, make sure you are consistent with it. Changing taglines often undermines your goals and mission in the eyes of the customer. A consistent tagline also fosters familiarity among your customers, helping increase brand recognition. Make sure you create a tagline that will remain relevant even after a period of time.

Positivity and Outlook

Keep a positive and open outlook when creating your freelance tagline. Be open to learning and newness.

Refine and Evaluate

Once you have decided on a few options for a tagline for your profile, gather feedback from your customers. Refine your tagline if necessary. Monitor your tagline over a period of time. Check if it serves your desired purpose and effectively fosters brand recognition.


What is the tagline in creative writing?

A tagline, also called a byline or a baseline, is a qualifying line associated with a particular business or brand. The tagline helps a brand to differentiate from other brands in a particular product or service category.

What is a good professional tagline?

A good professional tagline is one that is likable, memorable, descriptive, and eye-catching.

What are catchy taglines?

A catchy tagline can be a witty or pithy statement that brings forth the image of your brand in the minds of your customers. Taglines enable customers to make memorable yet lighthearted associations with your business.

What is a unique tagline?

Having a unique tagline helps you to communicate your brand’s unique identity to the customers you target. If you are a freelancer, your unique tagline should define you, your interests, your persona, and the kind of work/project you are looking for.


A smart tagline defines the personality of your brand or business. It triggers memorability associated with the brand. Even in the physical absence of brand or brand visuals it can rekindle associated memories and remind the consumer/ viewer about the brand and its persona. To gain more brand recognition, make sure you align your tagline to your brand identity. Maintain the emphasis on your uniqueness. And lastly, keep it concise and be yourself.

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