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aloukik rathore

Hey, I’m Aloukik Rathore ????

I run Cannibals Media & Rathore Agency, top-rated marketing agencies designed to elevate your website’s visibility and rankings on Google through strategic SEO and link building.

My expertise in cold email outreach has been crucial in acquiring backlinks that boost your site’s traffic and enhance its authority.

For over a decade, my team and I have helped countless businesses like yours surge in organic traffic, climb the rankings, and secure more customers. From established companies like Monday.com to emerging startups, we’ve been there to guide their SEO strategy.

I’m also a seasoned content creator, having authored numerous articles and guides on SEO and content marketing. However, my journey wasn’t always straightforward. Early challenges with my first website taught me that even the best content can falter without strong backlinks.

Initially, I struggled:

  1. Attempts to gain links through social media and forums fell flat.
  2. Efforts in Facebook Groups went unnoticed.
  3. Despite all this, my site’s rankings didn’t improve, and my confidence took a hit.

But I was determined. After realizing the power of targeted outreach, I committed to mastering link building. Each morning was dedicated to refining my outreach strategy, leading to a scalable approach that involved:

  1. Crafting compelling content that naturally attracts backlinks.
  2. Diligent follow-ups with every contact to ensure visibility.
  3. Mass outreach, emailing numerous sites to secure backlinks.
  4. Building solid relationships with web admins, creating a network of supporters.
  5. Leveraging cold email campaigns to maximize reach and efficiency.

Through relentless optimization and adaptation, I turned the tide:

  • My email strategies were meticulously tailored for maximum deliverability.
  • Each prospect was carefully chosen to align with our standards.
  • The quality of the content I produced set new industry benchmarks.

Persisting through failures, I gradually increased my website’s traffic to 1,500 daily visitors, marking a significant milestone in sales and traffic.

I’ll never forget the week I secured 30 backlinks through sheer persistence and refined tactics. Over time, not only did my professional skills grow—but my self-confidence did, too.

Today, Cannibals Media and Rathore Agency are at the forefront of SEO and link building, assisting hundreds of sites, receiving over 100+ five-star reviews on UpWork, and significantly boosting our clients’ revenues.

Achieving this level of success requires years of meticulous tweaking, relentless testing, continuous hard work, and significant personal and professional growth investments.

Early Life and Education

I had a passion for music from a young age but only started learning Indian classical music at 18. I continued my studies and received a Sangeet Prabhakar Diploma in Hindustani Classical Music from Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Prayagraj. Not only Indian Classical, but I also studied Western Classical Music and got a Grade 3 Certification in Violin from Trinity College, London. I also have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science & Engineering from AKTU.

Besides music, I have always been interested in the digital world and have taught myself digital marketing. I started my blog at 16, sharing my knowledge and insights on the latest tech, gadgets, personal finance, and whatnot! My website quickly gained popularity, and I became a well-known blogger in the digital marketing space.


In addition to my entrepreneurial ventures, I am also an aspiring musician. I am learning Indian Classical music from my mother, Jyoti ‘Kiran’ Rathore, and I am working on my first single and debut album. My music and digital marketing passion has made me a well-rounded and accomplished individual.

My hard work and dedication have earned me recognition in the blogging and entrepreneurship communities. I continue to inspire others with my unique combination of musical talent and digital marketing expertise. I enjoy traveling to new destinations, staying fit and active, and exploring spirituality in my free time.

I have combined my passions for technology, music, travel, fitness, and spirituality to create a fulfilling and successful life. My efforts have earned me recognition in the digital marketing and entrepreneurial communities. I actively write about my thoughts and experiences on my blog page.

About Cannibals Media

In 2018, I turned my passion into a business and started a digital marketing agency, Cannibals Media. Co-founded with Rahul Gupta and Kaushal Malkan, Cannibals Media is now a leading SEO agency in India with offices in Pune and Rajasthan. Our agency helps companies improve their online presence and reach their target audience through effective digital marketing strategies.

The agency has already succeeded and has a growing list of clients. In addition to running my company, I am an author on several tech websites, sharing my digital marketing and technology expertise.


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What My Clients Say

Aloukik and his team turned our ‘canvas prints’ search ranking from also-ran to runner-up. In 4 years, they haven’t devoured our budget, just our competition. Thanks, guys!

chris canvaspop
Chris Barett

Ex-VP, Canvaspop

Aloukik’s link building techniques had a big impact on our site’s rankings. Overall, we increased our traffic, ranked higher, and gained some high-quality backlinks.

If you want backlinks that actually work, then you’ll love his agency.

itamar ben yair
Itamar Ben Yair

Ex-SEO Specialist, Monday.com

The blog posts and articles Aloukik wrote for iAnimate were engaging, informative, and really resonated with our audience of animators and motion designers. The content helped increase our website traffic and establish iAnimate as an authority in animation training and software.

Richard Arroyo
Richard Arroyo

Director, iAnimate.net

Aloukik’s blog management and content marketing were invaluable for growing our airgun brands in the UK market. The team’s engaging blog content and strategic promotions increased our website traffic and sales.

I was impressed by their subject matter expertise and marketing skills. Highly recommended for any ecommerce content marketing needs.

Boh Tjarks


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