Semrush vs. Moz: Which Tool is Best for SEO?

InBetween Semrush vs Moz, which SEO tool you prefer will depend upon your personal needs, requirements, and budget as a content writer or digital marketer. Even though both tools are almost at par regarding the facilities offered, Semrush is generally preferred over Moz because of its functions as an all-in-one precise data analytics, effective backlinking, huge database, detailed keyword search, and extensive site audit tool.

Read below to find out more about Semrush and Mosh, their pros and cons, and which one might be perfect for you.

Semrush vs. Moz – Overview

Semrush and Moz are both SEO tools that are highly efficient when performing keyword research and competitive analysis and will greatly help you to assort your content and keywords as you wish.
semrush vs. moz

Both Semrush and Moz are designed to aid websites in ranking higher in search engine result pages (SERPs) and increase their online visibility.

Semrush – Pros

The four core SEO categories offered by Semrush include keyword research, competitive research, backlink building, and on-page technical SEO.

Site Audit

The site audit facility offered by Semrush allows you to design your web pages better. Semrush scans your website for errors and comes up with ways to improve website health and performance.
semrush site audit-semrush vs. moz
The on-page SEO tracker also helps you filter and arrange your content for better rankings.

Focused Analytics

Semrush, as opposed to Moz, focuses mostly on analytics. It provides its users with an in-depth data-backed report of the required content. Semrush offers specific results and insights that target the area of the content that needs to be improved.
semrush Focused Analytics-semrush vs. moz
This makes it very easy for the user to improve their content in said areas, and make it more reader-friendly.

Keyword Research Tool

Using Semrush, you can manage your target keywords quite easily. Also, Semrush arguably has the largest keyword database in the industry, helping users create a wide variety of keywords based on the target keyword input. Semrush is also extensively accurate in its reports and search volume data.
semrush Keyword Research Tool-

On searching for a keyword, Semrush provides information about the keyword, including search volume by location, possible variations, user intent, related queries, etc.

Competitive Research Tool

The competitive research tool offered by Semrush gives you the advantage of knowing how your competition is doing, and what works for them.
semrush Competitive Research Tool-
Thus, giving an overall insight into how your competition works.

Link Building

Semrush’s link-building tool helps you identify possible linking opportunities throughout your content. Your target URLs and linking keywords need to be specified for this.
semrush Link Building-
Semrush automatically provides a list of linking opportunities.

Additional Features- Semrush vs. Moz

Semrush has a volley of additional features. Besides its analytics-based expert SEO tool, Semrush also includes tools for digital marketing, social media, PR monitoring, and paid advertising. Semrush is thus ideal for young businesses looking to expand. The paid version gives you access to features such as backlink audits, site audits, position tracking, and SEO reports.

Semrush offers users a content marketing feature that allows you to search for keywords and get relevant content ideas. This is very helpful for those who are struggling to improve website visibility.

semrush additional features-content marketing

The social media marketing feature links with major social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Google Business, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. This enables users to track their social media posts and track their performance and measure the analytics.

Semrush – Cons


The only con to Semrush is its high pricing. The free plan is limited to ten requests per day. Premium plans (Semrush Pro) come at a pricing of $129.95 / month, with other available plans according to the user’s requirements. The premium versions offer additional features, including the SEO, content and social media marketing suite, online reputation management, and analytics reports.
semrush pricing-semrush vs. moz

There are several other features that you can avail of, but they are usually hidden behind paywalls. While such an extensive list of tools may be beneficial for many big businesses, in most circumstances, the prices outweigh the uses. Every business does not need such an extensive set of tools and features.


Navigating Semrush can be a bit overwhelming for beginners. It does get easier with time, but the learning curve can be difficult to overcome because of the variety of tools and features that Semrush offers.

Who is Semrush Best For? – Semrush vs. Moz

Semrush is ideal for small businesses that require a free yet efficient tool for occasional SEO reports. In addition to that, it is a great platform for marketing agencies as well.

Moz – Pros

Moz offers a website analytics tool that has in-depth reporting capabilities. It helps you optimize your site for SEO, and even suggests improvements, and performs competitive analysis. Moz Pro is essentially a combination of various SEO tools.

Keyword Explorer

The Moz keyword explorer tool, although powerful on its own, is often compared in discussions of SEMrush vs. Moz, another popular SEO tool. Moz keyword explorer tool offers keyword analysis by volume, keyword generator, and planner, and measures keyword difficulty. Keyword difficulty, volume, and expected organic click-through rate scores help you predict your ability to rank and drive search engine traffic.

moz keyword explorer-

Moz also offers competitive keyword analysis, enabling you to discover your competitors’ important keywords. Additionally, Moz allows you to export your keyword lists, suggestions, and analyses in CSV format.

Site Audit Tool

Like Semrush, Moz too offers a site audit tool that makes it easier for you to search for technical SEO on your website. Moz offers recommendations based on this audit, giving insights as to how you can fix any existing issues.
moz Site Audit Tool-
Moz Pro always carries out weekly crawls and scans that check up on website health and performance, without much harrowing effort on your part.

Backlink Tool

Moz’s backlink tool analyzes existing backlinks on your website and gives you recommendations based on this. Implementing according to changes might help your website rank higher with a greater overall score.
moz Backlink Tool-
You can also track your link profile and uncover link-building opportunities using the backlinking tool.


The best part about Moz is that most tools it offers are free to use. Even Moz’s starting prices are lower than that of Semrush, ranging from $69 to $419 per month.

Moz – Cons

Learning Curve

Despite being a more or less user-friendly interface, Moz can still come off as being a bit intimidating for new users. However, Moz does offer multiple FAQs, and beginner and how-to-use guides to guide new users through any difficulties.


Despite relatively lower pricing for the Pro features, users often feel that Moz Pro is more expensive when compared to Semrush, regarding the available assortment of features provided.
moz pricing-


What is better, Semrush vs. Moz?

Moz and Semrush are both well-known paid SEO tools. Which is better depends mostly upon your requirements, budget, and business size. However, Semrush is still often preferred over Moz because of its better in-depth analysis, and substantial capabilities in and outside SEO.

What is the most accurate SEO tool?

Some of the most accurate SEO tools are Semrush, Moz, Google Analytics, SEO PowerSuite, and Google Search Console, among others.

Is Moz Pro good for SEO?

Moz Pro is one of the best tools to be found in the market that can help you improve the quality of SEO for your website. Moz Pro is ideal for beginners and small businesses, as well as for larger businesses and experts.

What is the difference between Moz keyword Explorer and Semrush?

Moz’s Keyword Explorer tool offers insightful reports on keyword difficulty, enabling the user to choose according to the preferred target. Semrush, on the other hand, offers keyword research features, allowing the user to discover long-tail keywords and use them throughout the content to make the best use of them.

Conclusion – Semrush vs. Moz

In conclusion, which tool you choose Semrush vs Moz depends upon your requirements. Semrush offers a comprehensive and complete suite of SEO tools, including keyword search and analysis, competitive analysis, site audits, and backlink features. Semrush also offers users a better in-depth data analytics system, making it better suited for companies and professionals.

In comparison, Moz is better suited for beginners. Moz offers domain and page authority metrics, focusing more on local SEO and link-building strategies. In contrast to Semrush’s steep learning curve, Moz emerges as a more user-friendly interface.

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