How To Humanize AI Content? Boost Your Articles

Are you also tired of robotic articles churned out by AI? Do you want to use ChatGPT, Claude, or Gemini to write humanized articles that are engaging and reader-friendly? This article will show you how to humanize AI content and generate better articles using ChatGPT prompts!

Top 8 ChatGPT Prompts to Read Your Articles More Human:

  1. Give ChatGPT a Persona
  2. Add Personal Experiences to the content
  3. Insert relevant facts and the latest stats
  4. Perplexity
  5. Burstiness
  6. Unfluffing your article
  7. Adding Flavor to the article using humor
  8. Targeting the right audience for your article

Keep on reading to learn how to use these prompts to make ChatGPT sound like your favorite writer!

Top 8 ChatGPT Prompts on How To Humanize AI Content

Before starting any article, you will start to train AI with these prompts:

1. Give AI a Persona

Encourage your AI to adopt a specific persona that resonates with your audience. Defining this voice can dramatically enhance the connection with readers, whether you prefer a quirky, profound, or inspirational persona

For example, you could use a prompt like, “Write a detailed guide on how to start a podcast as an enthusiastic, tech-savvy guy. You are a tech startup owner in Silicon Valley and have done hundreds of podcasts.

give chatgpt a persona

Direct your AI to channel the style of your favorite writer. This could be anyone from a famous author to an admired journalist

For instance, you might use the prompt, “Create a product review of a SurferSEO. You’re Neil Patel, a highly analytical digital marketer,” which helps the AI practice adopting a specific writing style that appeals to your target demographic.

2. Add Personal Experiences

Utilize prompts that require the AI to simulate personal storytelling. This approach helps to create more human-like and engaging content

An example could be, “Narrate an experience of learning to cook a complex dish for the first time, focusing on the emotions and unexpected challenges faced.”

prompt 2-

Your Stories Matter: Share Your Anecdotes and Insights!

Encourage your AI to draw on diverse personal stories to enrich the content. This makes the AI’s outputs more relatable and vibrant

For example, the prompt could be, “Write a first-person account of a memorable travel mishap that ended up being a valuable life lesson,” which allows the AI to explore and express more profound human experiences in its content.

3. Add Facts and Stats

Incorporate recent facts and statistics into the content to ensure your AI stays up-to-date. This approach enhances credibility and captivates readers with timely, relevant information

prompt 3-

An example prompt could be, “Write a blog post on the impact of remote work on urban economies, including data from the latest 2024 economic reports.”

Regularly update your AI with the latest research and statistics to maintain the freshness and accuracy of the content. This keeps your readers engaged and ensures that your material stands out as trustworthy

For instance, use a prompt like, “Update our guide on sustainable living practices with the newest 2024 environmental studies and data.”

4. Perplexity & Burstiness

Challenge your AI to vary its writing style to break the monotony. This involves alternately using complex structures and simple sentences to keep the content lively and readable

An effective prompt might be, “Compose an article about classical music where you vary the sentence length to keep the reader engaged from beginning to end.”

prompt 4-

Bye-bye, AI Jargon: Ditch Clunky Phrases

Encourage natural, human-like language by eliminating typical AI phrases and focusing on varied sentence and paragraph lengths. This technique helps mimic the natural flow of human writing, making the content more relatable and easier to read

An example prompt could be, “Write a concise, engaging overview of the latest AI technologies in healthcare, avoiding technical jargon and varying sentence lengths.”

5. Unfluffing for Clarity- How To Humanize AI Content

Ensure each sentence your AI writes is impactful by stripping away any unnecessary words or phrases. This streamlined approach emphasizes clarity and enhances the value of each line for the reader

An example prompt could be, “Revise a product description to remove all filler words, making every sentence concise and direct.”

prompt 5-how to humanize AI content

Cut the Clutter: Every Sentence Should Be a Gem

Guide your AI to focus on quality over quantity by eliminating redundant language and honing in on essential information. This leads to more explicit, more engaging content

For example, you might use the prompt, “Edit an article on smartphone technology to ensure each sentence adds unique value and clarity.”

6. Flavor- A Pinch of Personality

Encourage your AI to add distinct personality traits to its writing to make content more personable and memorable. A well-defined voice can make all the difference, whether it’s enthusiasm, sincerity, or curiosity

A helpful prompt could be, “Write a welcoming page for a website as an optimistic, adventurous travel guide.”

prompt 6-how to humanize AI content

Humor Me: Don’t Be Afraid to Inject Some Wit

Prompt your AI to adopt a lighthearted and humorous tone where appropriate. This will make the content more enjoyable and help maintain reader engagement

An example might be, “Create a list of the top 10 most surprising facts about cats, using a witty and playful tone throughout.”

7. Write for the Target Audience

Understand your audience’s demographics, preferences, and reading habits to customize your content and ensure it resonates with them. Tailor the style, tone, and complexity accordingly to ensure it strikes the right chord

For example, the prompt could be, “Develop a comprehensive guide on retirement planning for baby boomers, using language and examples that resonate with that demographic.”

prompt 7-how to humanize AI content

Fine-tune your AI’s output to meet your target audience’s needs and preferences. This involves considering age, interests, and professional background to create relevant and engaging content

An example prompt might be, “Write a blog post on the latest trends in digital art for young artists, using an informative and inspiring style.”

8. Bonus Tip- Readability Matters

Emphasize the importance of readability in your AI-generated content. Clear and easily digestible content holds the reader’s attention and improves comprehension. Encourage practices like breaking up long paragraphs and using more straightforward language

Refine your AI’s outputs using tools like Yoast SEO’s readability analysis and Hemingway Editor.

Hemingway App  

These tools help ensure the content is engaging and accessible to a broad audience.

For instance, you could use a prompt like, “Revise a technical guide on blockchain technology using Hemingway Editor to achieve a 6th-grade reading level, ensuring clarity and simplicity.”

Word Choice- A.I. Speak No More!

Don’t always use the most natural words. Use the following words fewer than three times on this page: Unique, insure, utmost.

Before outputting the content, review it for the following words and rewrite those sentences with appropriate alternatives: meticulous, meticulously, navigating, complexities, realm, bespoke, tailored, towards, underpins, ever-changing, ever-evolving, the world of, not only, seeking more than just, designed to enhance, it’s not merely, our suite, it is advisable, daunting, in the heart of, when it comes to, in the realm of, amongst unlock secrets, unveil the secrets and robust

For Burstiness

  • Ensure heterogeneous paragraphs
  • Ensure heterogeneous sentence lengths

Remember, variety is key! Strive for a mix of short and long sentences, and use a healthy variety of words to keep your writing dynamic.

Summing Up

Although tools can help make AI-written content feel more like a human-written piece, they only partially match the skill of a real writer. For the best quality content that genuinely connects with readers, consider hiring experienced content writers. Check out our content writing services to boost your content’s appeal.


How to humanize AI content for free?

Use free tools like Hemingway Editor to clarify your writing and add personal stories or examples. Try changing sentence structure to make the writing sound more natural and less robotic.

How to give a human touch to AI content?

Add humor, personal stories, and caring words to make AI content feel warmer and more human. Also, use tools to ensure the writing flows nicely and sounds like something someone would say.

How to humanize ChatGPT AI content?

To make ChatGPT sound more like a human, ask it to write casually, in a friendly tone. You can make it use everyday language and share stories, which helps make its responses feel more personal and less formal.

What is the best tool to humanize AI?

Hemingway Editor is great for making AI writing feel more human. It simplifies complex writing and cuts out hard words, which helps make your content easy to read and engaging, like something a human would write.

Does ChatGPT have a humanizer?

ChatGPT doesn't have a specific feature called a 'humanizer', but you can guide it to write more naturally. Focus on using a conversational tone and include elements like humor to make the output seem more like the person who wrote it.

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