How to Become a Ghostwriter and Make Money?

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How to Become a Ghostwriter and Make Money?

Are you intrigued by the idea of writing a bestseller but crave anonymity? Ghostwriting might be your dream career! 

Hone your writing and research skills, then choose a niche like business or romance. Build an online presence to showcase your expertise and network with potential clients. Land gigs by crafting strong proposals and contracts. Finally, master the ghostwriting process: interview clients, research deeply, write in their voices, and collaborate on revisions. Deliver exceptional work, get paid well, and keep the spotlight on your client – the secret author!

Unlock the secrets of how to become a ghostwriter and turn your skills into a lucrative business with our comprehensive, actionable guide!

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How to Become a Ghostwriter? Definition

So, What is Ghostwriting? How much will you get from ghostwriting jobs for beginners?

Ghostwriting is writing content for someone else who receives the public credit (the “byline”). You’ll be the secret wordsmith behind memoirs, blog posts, novels, or speeches.

How to Become a Ghostwriter

As a ghostwriter, you’ll interview your clients, research their topics, and craft compelling content in their voices. This role lets you leverage your writing skills across different projects while letting your client shine in the spotlight. It’s a unique and fulfilling career for those who enjoy writing without seeking public recognition.


The price range for ghostwriting can vary significantly based on several factors. For beginners, ghostwriting jobs typically start at lower rates, but there is potential for higher earnings as you gain experience and build a portfolio.

In the best-case scenario, an experienced ghostwriter might earn between $20,000 to $50,000 for a full-length book project. High-profile clients or specialized industries can pay even more. For instance, celebrity memoirs or technical writing projects often command premium rates.

In the worst-case scenario, beginners start at rates as low as $0.01 to $0.10 per word for smaller projects, such as blog posts or short articles. These initial projects help build your portfolio and credibility.

Factors affecting ghostwriting rates include the project’s complexity, length, required research, the client’s budget, and the writer’s experience. These factors are discussed in more detail in the sections below.

7 Essential Skills to Become a Ghostwriter

Being a ghostwriter is slightly different than doing content writing. Here are the skills that you need:

Strong Writing Skills

Strong writing skills are crucial to succeeding as a ghostwriter. Mastery of grammar and punctuation ensures your writing is polished and professional. Clarity and concision help you convey complex ideas straightforwardly, making your writing accessible and engaging. 

For instance, a well-crafted sentence can significantly affect how your client’s message is received. According to a 2020 study by Grammarly, documents with fewer grammatical errors tend to be perceived as more credible and trustworthy.

 In my early days as a ghostwriter, I noticed a direct correlation between the quality of my writing and client satisfaction. One client, initially skeptical, became a long-term partner after seeing the polished and clear content I delivered. This experience underscored the importance of strong writing skills in building trust and credibility.

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Genre Expertise

Expertise in different genres is a valuable asset. Fiction and non-fiction require different approaches. For example, compelling writing involves creating engaging characters and plotlines, while non-fiction focuses on interestingly delivering factual information.

Specializing in specific niches, such as business writing, health, or technology, can make you more attractive to clients looking for expert knowledge in these areas. 

One ghostwriter shared that focusing on the tech industry allowed them to command higher rates due to their specialized knowledge.

I decided to specialize in tech and SaaS writing early in my career. This focus allowed me to dive deep into the subject matter, which improved the quality of my writing and helped me command higher rates. 

One ghostwriter shared that focusing on the tech industry allowed them to command higher rates due to their specialized knowledge.

Interviewing Skills 

Interviewing skills are essential for ghostwriters who need to extract information from clients. Building rapport is the first step to getting clients to open up and share their insights and experiences. Effective interviewing techniques help you gather detailed and accurate information, which is crucial for writing authentic and compelling content.

How to Become a Ghostwriter

I once had a client who was initially reserved, but through patience and thoughtful questions, I uncovered valuable anecdotes that enriched their book.

Adaptability and Voice Matching

As a ghostwriter, you must be adaptable and capable of matching your writing style to your client’s voice. This skill is vital for creating content that feels genuine to the person you’re writing for.

For example, writing for a motivational speaker requires a different tone than writing for a corporate executive. 

In my experience, studying your client’s previous work and understanding their audience can significantly help in voice matching.

Research and Fact-Checking

Thorough research and fact-checking are non-negotiable aspects of ghostwriting. Ensuring the accuracy of the information you include enhances the quality of your work and builds trust with your clients.

A 2018 report from Pew Research highlighted the importance of accuracy in building reader trust, emphasizing that factual errors can significantly undermine credibility.

I have worked on a project that required detailed historical research before. I meticulously verified every fact, which impressed my client and led to additional projects and referrals. This experience taught me that thorough research and fact-checking are critical for maintaining credibility and client satisfaction.

Project Management and Organization

Effective project management and organizational skills are essential for handling multiple projects and meeting deadlines. Creating a detailed plan, setting milestones, and using project management tools can help you stay on track.

For instance, tools like Trello or Asana can help you manage tasks and deadlines efficiently. A well-organized approach also makes it easier to communicate progress with clients.

In one of my busiest periods, I juggled multiple client projects. Organizing tasks and setting deadlines using the above tools allowed me to stay on top of all my commitments. 

Client Communication and Confidentiality

Clear and consistent communication with clients is vital for understanding their needs and expectations. Regular updates and feedback loops ensure you’re on the right track and can adjust as needed.


Confidentiality is also a critical aspect of ghostwriting. Clients trust you with their ideas and personal stories; maintaining their privacy is paramount. 

An example from my career involved signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to ensure the client’s proprietary information remained confidential, strengthening our professional relationship.

In conclusion, becoming a successful ghostwriter requires strong writing skills, genre expertise, interviewing abilities, adaptability, research proficiency, project management, and excellent client communication. By honing these skills, you can create high-quality content that meets your client’s needs and helps you build a thriving career in ghostwriting.

Building Your Ghostwriting Empire

Dominating the ghostwriting landscape requires a strategic approach. Here’s how to cultivate a thriving business:

Find Your Niche and Target Market

Don’t be a jack-of-all-trades! Identify high-demand niches with lower competition. Utilize freelance platforms like Upwork or Fiverr to analyze job postings and research industry publications to understand current trends. Specializing in areas like business writing, healthcare content, or specific fiction genres like romance or thrillers allows you to become a recognized expert, attracting clients who value your targeted skillset.

Craft a Compelling Online Presence

Your website is your digital storefront. Build a ghostwriting-specific website that showcases your writing samples and client testimonials and outlines your services (including rates). This allows potential clients to grasp your expertise and value proposition quickly.

Network Like a Pro

Don’t underestimate the power of connections! Attend industry events, conferences, or writing workshops to connect with potential clients and collaborators.


Actively engage on social media platforms like LinkedIn or Twitter, targeting groups and discussions relevant to your niche.

Guest Blogging: Build Credibility

Consider guest blogging on websites frequented by your target audience. This allows you to showcase your writing skills to a broader audience, establish yourself as a thought leader, and potentially attract new clients who discover your expertise through your guest posts.

By implementing these strategies, you’ll transform from a lone ghostwriter into a formidable force in the industry, attracting high-paying projects and building a sustainable ghostwriting empire.

Mastering the Ghostwriting Process: From First Contact to Final Delivery

Landing your first client is exhilarating, but the real magic happens in the collaborative process. Here’s a roadmap to guide you through each stage:

Securing Your First Client

Several platforms exist to connect with potential clients. Utilize freelance marketplaces like Upwork or Fiverr or explore ghostwriting agencies specializing in client matchmaking. Craft compelling proposals highlighting your relevant experience and understanding of their project. 

Constantly tailor your proposals to each client’s specific needs. Finally, ensure your contracts are ironclad, outlining the scope of work, payment schedule, revision policies, and ownership rights.

Crafting tailored proposals that highlight my relevant experience and understanding of each specific project has been crucial in my experience. I’ve secured more projects and built stronger client relationships by tailoring my proposals to meet each client’s needs.

Conducting Client Interviews

This initial meeting is crucial. Ask insightful questions to understand the client’s goals, target audience, desired tone of voice, and any specific style preferences. This information becomes your roadmap for crafting content that resonates with their vision.

How to Become a Ghostwriter

I have created content that truly resonates with their vision by asking insightful questions to understand the client’s goals, target audience, desired tone of voice, and specific style preferences. This initial meeting sets the foundation for a successful project and ensures that the final product meets the client’s expectations.

Researching the Topic Thoroughly

Dive deep into the subject matter. Whether it’s a business strategy for a CEO’s memoir or the historical setting for a fantasy novel, meticulous research ensures accuracy and depth in your writing.

In my experience, diving deep into the subject matter, whether it’s a business strategy for a CEO’s memoir or the historical setting for a fantasy novel, meticulous research has always ensured accuracy and depth in my writing. This thorough approach has consistently impressed clients and added substantial value to their projects.

Developing a Strong Outline and Content Structure

A well-structured outline serves as the blueprint for your writing. Collaborate with the client to create a clear outline that organizes chapters, sections, and key points, ensuring a logical flow and a cohesive narrative.

Writing Engaging Content

Remember, you’re the invisible voice behind the scenes. Craft compelling content that adheres to the client’s voice and style. Strike a balance between your writing expertise and their desired tone to ensure the content feels authentically theirs.

Revision and Editing Process

Expect revisions! Collaboration with the client throughout the writing process is essential. Actively incorporate their feedback while ensuring the content remains consistent with your initial discussions.

Final Delivery and Legal Agreements

Meet all deadlines and deliver exceptional work. Finalize legal agreements, ensuring ownership rights are clear and all terms are met. This protects both you and the client.

Legal Agreements

By mastering these steps, you’ll confidently navigate the ghostwriting process, build trust, and exceed client expectations. This will lead to repeat business and a thriving ghostwriting career!

Ghostwriting Rates and Contracts: Negotiating Your Worth as a Ghostwriter

Securing high-paying ghostwriting gigs hinges on effectively communicating your value. Here’s how to translate your expertise into a lucrative income:

Factors Influencing Your Rates

Here are some factors that affect your rates significantly:

Project Scope and Complexity

Longer projects or those requiring extensive research naturally command higher fees. Complex projects like technical writing or ghostwriting a dissertation may warrant a premium.

Your Writing Experience

As your experience and portfolio grow, so does your value. Seasoned ghostwriters with a proven track record can justifiably command higher rates.

Client Budget and Industry Standards

Consider the client’s budget while researching industry averages for similar projects within your niche.

Standard Pricing Models:

Mentioned below are common pricing models used in the industry

How to Become a Ghostwriter

Per Word

This common model is ideal for projects with a clear word count expectation. Rates vary based on complexity and experience.

Per Project

Suitable for projects with variable word counts or a broader scope. Consider offering tiered pricing packages based on project deliverables.


Useful for projects with unpredictable time commitments.

Negotiating Your Worth

Remember, your rates reflect your expertise. Feel free to negotiate based on the factors mentioned above. Back up your proposed rates with evidence of your experience and the value you bring.

The Power of Clear Contracts

Ironclad contracts are essential. Clearly outline the scope of work, including deliverables, deadlines, revision policies, and ownership rights. This protects you and the client, fostering trust and a smooth working relationship.

Actionable Tip: Manage Client Expectations

Attach writing samples to your contracts that showcase your ability to write in the client’s desired style and tone. This helps manage expectations and ensures you’re on the same page from the outset.

By understanding your value, wielding different pricing models, and having clear contracts, you’ll be well-positioned to negotiate competitive rates and build a sustainable, lucrative ghostwriting career. 

Unveiling the Diverse World of Ghostwriting

The world is far from one-dimensional. Here’s a glimpse into the exciting variety of projects that await you:

Non-Fiction Ghostwriting

Let us look at a few non-fiction ghostwriting genres.

Business Books & White Papers

Lend your expertise to CEOs and entrepreneurs, crafting compelling business narratives or persuasive white papers showcasing their industry insights.

Memoirs & Biographies

Help individuals share their life stories, preserve legacies, and craft inspiring narratives through captivating memoirs or biographies.

Self-Help Books & How-To Guides

Share your knowledge and empower others by ghostwriting self-help books or practical how-to guides.

How-To Guides

Fiction Ghostwriting

Now that we have seen what are the common non-fiction genres in ghostwriting let us now check out what is going on in the world of fiction,

Genre Specialization

Dive into the world of fiction! Hone your skills in a specific genre, like crafting heart-wrenching romances, weaving intricate mysteries, or building suspenseful thrillers for a captivated audience.

Series Development and Collaboration

The thrill of a series! Collaborate with authors to develop captivating series, keeping readers hooked with each installment.

Beyond the Book

The world of ghostwriting extends beyond traditional publishing:

Website Content

Craft engaging website content, blog posts, or product descriptions that capture the brand voice and drive conversions.

Song Lyrics

Have a knack for catchy phrases? Help musicians bring their melodies to life with memorable lyrics.


Turn ideas into captivating screenplays or video scripts, breathing life into stories for visual mediums.

This is just a taste of the diverse opportunities within ghostwriting. With your skills and adaptability, you can carve your niche and build a fulfilling career in this ever-evolving industry. 

The Future of Ghostwriting: A Thriving Industry Awaits

The ghostwriting landscape is not only vast but also flourishing. Here’s what makes it an exciting industry to step into:

Rise of Self-Publishing and E-books

The ease of self-publishing has empowered a surge of new authors.

How to Become a Ghostwriter

Ghostwriters are in high demand to help them craft polished manuscripts ready for the e-book market, ensuring their stories reach a wider audience.

Increased Demand for Content Creation

Content is king! Businesses and individuals require a steady stream of engaging content for websites, blogs, and social media. Ghostwriters can fill this gap by creating high-quality content that resonates with target audiences, boosting brand awareness and engagement.

Growth of Niche-Specific Ghostwriting Services

As industries become more specialized, the demand for niche-specific ghostwriting services is flourishing. This allows ghostwriters to develop deep expertise in particular areas, catering to a focused clientele. Imagine ghostwriting financial blogs for investment firms or crafting medical website content for a team of doctors.

The future of ghostwriting is bright. With the ever-growing need for high-quality content and the increasing accessibility of publishing platforms, ghostwriters will continue to play a vital role in shaping stories and amplifying voices across various mediums.

Top Platforms and Websites for Finding Ghostwriting Jobs

Here are the top platforms that you can try to find ghostwriting jobs for beginners: 


Upwork, a popular freelance platform, is a gateway to diverse job opportunities. It’s not just a place to start but a platform that can fuel your growth as a writer. With its large user base and wide job listings, Upwork offers a promising start for beginners, providing a platform for learning and honing your skills.


Tips for Applying to Jobs: Your profile on Upwork is your first impression. Make it count by showcasing your best work and tailoring your proposals to each job. This personalized approach and concise and professional communication can lead you to success. Remember, your reputation is in your hands, and positive feedback can be key to securing more projects.

Personal Recommendation: As a professional writer, I recommend starting with smaller jobs to build your profile and gain positive reviews. This will increase your credibility and help you land more substantial projects. Be persistent and patient, as success on Upwork often takes time and consistent effort.


Fiverr is a freelance marketplace where freelancers create “gigs” offering specific services at various price points. It’s known for its straightforward setup and diverse range of services, making it accessible for beginners to showcase their skills and attract clients.


How to Create an Attractive Gig: When creating a gig, choose a clear and catchy title that accurately describes your service. Use high-quality images and detailed descriptions to highlight what you offer. Set competitive prices and offer different packages to cater to various client needs. Include samples of your work to demonstrate your expertise.

Personal Recommendation: As a professional writer, I suggest focusing on a niche where you can excel and stand out. Use Fiverr’s SEO features to make your gig more discoverable. Start with competitive pricing to attract initial clients, then gradually increase your rates as you build your reputation and receive positive reviews.


Freelancer is a platform that connects freelancers with clients looking for various services, including writing. It offers a range of project types, from short-term tasks to long-term contracts. The bidding system allows freelancers to compete for jobs based on their skills and proposals.

Strategies for Winning Bids: To win bids on Freelancer, write personalized and compelling proposals that address the client’s needs. Highlight your relevant experience and provide examples of similar work you’ve done. Be competitive with your pricing and emphasize the quality and value you bring to the project.

Personal Recommendation: As a professional writer, I recommend starting with projects that match your skill level and gradually taking on more complex tasks as you gain experience. Consistently deliver high-quality work to build a strong portfolio and client feedback. Networking and building relationships with clients can lead to repeat business and referrals.


Reedsy is a dedicated platform connecting authors with professional editors, designers, and writers. It is highly regarded for its focus on quality and its curated marketplace. Reedsy provides freelancers access to a community of authors seeking top-tier writing and editorial services.

How to Become a Ghostwriter

How to Create a Strong Profile: To create a strong profile on Reedsy, focus on presenting your best work and highlighting your expertise. Include detailed descriptions of your services, past projects, and any relevant qualifications or certifications. High-quality samples and testimonials from previous clients can significantly boost your credibility. Ensure your profile is polished and professional to attract serious authors.

Personal Recommendation: As a professional writer, I recommend building a compelling Reedsy profile. Use the platform’s networking opportunities to connect with other industry professionals. Quality matters more than quantity at Reedsy, so focus on delivering exceptional work to build a strong reputation.


WriterAccess is a content creation platform that connects writers with businesses and agencies seeking high-quality content. It offers a variety of projects, from blog posts to whitepapers, and is known for its supportive environment and extensive resources for writers.


Benefits for Beginners: WriterAccess provides a structured platform for beginners to hone their skills and gain experience. The platform offers training resources, webinars, and tools to help you improve your writing and understand client needs. WriterAccess also has a tiered system, allowing you to progress and earn higher rates as you gain experience and positive feedback.

Personal Recommendation: As a professional writer, I recommend taking full advantage of the training resources WriterAccess offers. Start with projects within your comfort zone to build confidence and gradually take on more challenging tasks. Consistently delivering quality work will help you climb the tiers and access better-paying opportunities.


Scripted is a platform that connects freelance writers with businesses needing content. It is known for its rigorous vetting process, which ensures that only qualified writers join the platform. Scripted offers various writing projects, including blog posts, social media content, and web copy.


How to Get Started: To get started on Scripted, you must apply and pass their vetting process. This involves submitting writing samples and completing a proficiency test. Once accepted, you can browse available projects and submit proposals. Scripted’s platform is user-friendly, making it easy to find and apply for jobs that match your expertise.

Personal Recommendation: As a professional writer, I advise dedicating time to preparing a strong application for Scripted. Highlight your best work and tailor your samples to the projects you want to pursue. Proactively applying for jobs and communicating clearly with clients will help you succeed on Scripted.


Textbroker is a content mill that connects writers with clients needing various types of written content. It offers a straightforward platform where writers can choose from various topics and assignments based on their skill level and interests.

How to Become a Ghostwriter

How to Qualify and Get Hired: To qualify as a writer on Textbroker, you need to register and submit a writing sample, which Textbroker will evaluate to assign you a quality rating. This rating determines the types of assignments you can access. Regularly submitting high-quality work can improve your rating and increase your earning potential.

Personal Recommendation: As a professional writer, I suggest improving your initial rating by carefully crafting your writing sample. Once accepted, choose assignments that align with your strengths to build a positive track record. Consistency and quality are key to advancing Textbroker.

Constant Content

Constant Content is a platform where writers can sell pre-written articles or write custom content based on client requests. It caters to businesses looking for high-quality content and allows writers to set their prices for their work.

Tips for Success: To succeed on Constant Content, create a diverse portfolio of articles on various topics to attract a wide range of clients. Write high-quality, unique content that adheres to the platform’s guidelines. Updating your portfolio with fresh content can also help you gain more visibility.

Personal Recommendation: As a professional writer, I recommend focusing on niche topics where you have the expertise to stand out in the marketplace. Set competitive prices and be flexible with client requests to build strong relationships and repeat business. Quality and consistency will help you thrive on Constant Content.


ClearVoice is a content creation platform that connects freelance writers with businesses and agencies needing high-quality content. It emphasizes collaboration and offers tools for managing projects and workflows efficiently.


How to Build a Portfolio: To build a strong portfolio on ClearVoice, start by creating a comprehensive profile that showcases your skills, experience, and best writing samples. Include a variety of work to demonstrate your versatility. Engaging with clients and delivering top-notch content will help you build a reputable portfolio.

Personal Recommendation: As a professional writer, I advise putting effort into your ClearVoice profile to make it visually appealing and informative. Regularly update your portfolio with your latest work to keep it relevant. Building a strong portfolio on ClearVoice can open doors to high-quality projects and long-term client relationships.

ProBlogger Job Board

ProBlogger Job Board is a popular platform for finding blogging and writing jobs. It caters to professional bloggers and writers seeking freelance, part-time, or full-time opportunities. The job board is updated regularly with new postings.

ProBlogger Job Board

How to Apply Effectively: To apply effectively on the ProBlogger Job Board, tailor your application to each job by highlighting relevant experience and skills. Include a well-crafted cover letter and samples of your work. Follow the application instructions carefully and respond promptly to potential employers.

Personal Recommendation: As a professional writer, I recommend thoroughly researching each employer before applying to ensure it’s a good fit. Customize your applications to stand out from the competition, and reply with a polite email if you haven’t heard back within a week. Persistence and professionalism can significantly improve your chances of landing a job.


BloggingPro is a job board that lists various blogging and writing opportunities. It’s a great resource for freelancers looking for new gigs, offering various job types, from guest blogging to content creation for businesses.


Finding Suitable Jobs: To find suitable jobs on BloggingPro, regularly check the job board and set alerts for new postings. Use keywords related to your expertise to filter the listings. Carefully read job descriptions to ensure they match your skills and interests.

Personal Recommendation: As a professional writer, I suggest being proactive in your job search by applying to new listings quickly. Tailor your applications to each job and include relevant writing samples. Networking with other writers and industry professionals can also lead to job opportunities.


Craigslist is a classified ads website with various job postings, including freelance writing opportunities. It’s a platform where businesses and individuals post job listings for various services.

Precautions and Tips for Beginners: Exercise caution by thoroughly researching potential clients before agreeing to Craigslist work. Avoid listings that seem too good to be true or require upfront payments. Use a separate email address for communication, and never share personal information.

Personal Recommendation: As a professional writer, I recommend cautiously approaching Craigslist. Look for detailed job postings with clear contact information and established business names. Trust your instincts and prioritize your safety. While Craigslist can offer legitimate opportunities, staying vigilant and protecting yourself from scams is important.


Craft bestsellers, stay anonymous? Ghostwriting might be your dream. Hone your writing, then pick your niche – romance novels or business books? Build an online presence to show your skills and network with potential clients. Land gigs with solid proposals and contracts. Write for others, get paid well, and the spotlight stays on them, the secret author. Ready to become a ghostwriting master? This guide unveils the secrets! 

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How do I become a ghostwriter with no experience?

Start by building a portfolio with sample writings in various styles. Offer to ghostwrite for friends or small businesses for free or at a low rate. Joining writing communities and taking online courses can also help improve your skills and gain exposure.

Where can I get hired as a ghostwriter?

Ghostwriters can find work on freelance platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer. Networking on LinkedIn and joining writing groups can also help. Additionally, reaching out to publishing companies, authors, and content agencies can lead to opportunities.

What exactly does a ghostwriter do?

A ghostwriter creates content that is officially credited to another person. This includes writing books, articles, speeches, and blog posts. They work closely with clients to capture their voices and ideas while maintaining confidentiality and meeting deadlines.

What is an example of ghostwriting?

An example of ghostwriting is when a celebrity hires a writer to draft their autobiography. The ghostwriter interviews the celebrity, writes the book in the celebrity’s voice, and the celebrity is credited as the author, while the ghostwriter remains anonymous.

Do ghostwriters get paid?

Yes, ghostwriters get paid for their work. Payment can vary widely based on the project, client, and writer’s experience. Rates can range from a few hundred dollars for smaller projects to tens of thousands for books or high-profile clients.

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