13 Best Content Writing Institutes in India

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13 Best Content Writing Institutes in India

Are you struggling to navigate the complex world of digital marketing strategies? Fear not, as this article is your ultimate guide, packed with insights and actionable tips.

We’ll explore the most effective digital marketing strategies, ensuring you’re equipped to boost your online presence and drive significant growth. Prepare to be both educated and inspired as we delve into tactics that can transform your business.

Here are the 13 best content writing institutes in India:

  1. IIM Skills
  2. ECT
  3. IIDE (Indian Institute of Digital Education)
  4. Coursera
  5. FITA
  6. Online Idea Lab
  7. Henry Harvin
  8. Vskills
  9. Thoughtful Minds Web Services Pvt. Ltd.
  10. NTA (Newcent Training Academy)
  11. DigitalVidya
  12. EduPristine
  13. Manipal ProLearn

Stay with us as we unfold the secrets of successful digital marketing. You’ll discover the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ of implementing these strategies, ensuring you can confidently apply them. Our comprehensive guide promises to equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary for digital marketing mastery.

The Role of Content Writing Institutes

Content writing institutes engage in essential tasks, one of which is cultivating the talent of prospective writers. These institutes offer training programs that include content writing and Internet language skills.

They cover various types of writing, such as marketing plans, advertising layouts, and product introductions. They also teach how to research market structures and create technical or academic presentations with images. Attending a content writing institute provides practical work experience and helps students learn industry tips and tricks.

Top 15 Content Writing Institutes in India

Let’s start the list with my top picks of the best content writing Institutes in India:

1. IIM Skills

IIM Skills is one of India’s top content writing institutes and provides a comprehensive online course. The institute emphasizes practical training in all forms of writing, such as SEO content creation, technical writing, and creative articles.

IIM Skills

Industry professional writers have designed the course, covering content research, writing style techniques, grammar, and editing. Students who complete it receive a certification that the best companies recognize.

  • Course Details: 4 weeks of live online content writing courses, including 16 hours of lectures and 14 hours of internship sessions.
  • Unique Features: 3 months guaranteed internship (optional), certifications from IIM Skills, HubSpot, and TOLES.
  • Fee: INR 12,900 + 18% GST
  • Duration: 1-month course + 3 months internship (optional)

2. ECT

The ECT (Education and Career Times) is a well-known training agency approved by the Government of India.


His company also runs a content writing course that, through its numerous sub-courses, teaches everything from expanding vocabulary and grammar to advice about writing tools, creative non-fiction, business (structuring) literature, and even technical and academic writing.

The course itself is both online and offline to give students a choice. ECT also offers its students 100 % job placement assistance and internships.

  • Course Details: Government-approved content writing course covering various writing styles and real-world projects.
  • Unique Features: 100% placement assistance and live projects as part of the course.
  • Fee: INR 15,000 (inclusive of GST)
  • Duration: 3 months

3. IIDE (Indian Institute of Digital Education)

IIDE is one of India’s top Digital Education institutions. They also have an online content writing course that explains concepts, content creation, publishing, and promotion. Course contents include laying a strong foundation, establishing the brand and target audience, content marketing strategy, etc.


Students can access video lectures, practice tests, and assignments. When they complete them, however, they receive an industry-approved certificate from IIDE.

  • Course Details: Online Copywriting Course covering aspects of content and copywriting.
  • Unique Features: Advanced teaching methodology, high-quality video lectures, live online sessions, and mentorship.
  • Fee: INR 6,355 + Taxes
  • Duration: Approximately 9 hours

4. Coursera

One example of an online learning platform is Coursera, which has everything from content writing to more formal classes in various fields.


They supply content writing courses created in cooperation with leading universities and institutes. Indeed, Coursera provides beginner-level and advanced courses that are easy to complete at your own pace. Offering various topics and instructors, Coursera offers potential content writers a flexible space.

  • Location: Global (Online Platform)
  • Course Details: Various content writing courses collaborate with universities and institutions.
  • Unique Features: Courses range from beginner to advanced levels, self-paced learning.
  • Fee: Varies by course and institution
  • Duration: Varies by course (typically self-paced)


FITA (Focus’d IT Academy), one of the leading institutes for training in information technology, offers a content writing course. In their course, they teach content research, writing skills, grammar, and editing. Practical training and real-time projects promote hands-on experience at FITA.

In addition, the institute assists students in finding their first jobs as content writers.

6. Online Idea Lab

Online Idea Lab is a new-generation marketing organization providing writing classes and other digital services. Their online instructor course teaches the basics of content writing, including topics like researching content, how to write it up and promote your ideas, and keeping others from plagiarizing yours.

Industry specialists are recruited to train students and offer career guidance and support. In addition to placement services, Online Idea Lab also offers students 20 writing tools designed specifically for content.

7. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin Education is one of India’s first institutes to engage in professional and technical certification.

Henry Harvin

One workshop they provide is a course in content writing, which introduces the student to language, social media, and Internet literacy skills; business and marketing copywriting; website strategy; technical theme research and writing material; scholastic papers; and millions of creative styles.

It teaches 50-plus writing tools and offers an even sequence of complementary soft skill development. Henry Harvin offers students personalized job notifications and live online interactive classroom sessions, making it one of India’s best content writing institutes.

8. Vskills

India’s certification authority, Vskills, also has a content writing course. Among the topics in the course are introduction to content, types of content and writing tips, essential models, and job opportunities. It offers online e-learning access through Vskills and government certification after completion of the course.


The skills- and industry-oriented Vskills system allows people to demonstrate their knowledge and usefulness. This will help you become a professional writer.

9. Thoughtful Minds Web Services Pvt. Ltd.

The company Thoughtful Minds provides content writing and submission services. It also offers online content writing courses through Skype or Google Hangout. The training also teaches students a variety of writing styles, whether academic papers, technical communication, or creative pieces.

Thoughtful Minds
Editing, graphics, and how to make money from writing are examples of what students study. After the training, students get a certificate.

10. NTA (Newcent Training Academy)

One such agency is NTA, which describes itself as a professional training academy specializing in the content area. Its content writing program offers individuals practical, skill-oriented information on how to get ahead in their careers or change them. The course offers complete reading training, including everything from word count to the punch line and content marketing. NTA also provides different content writing tools and helps students to practice.

11. DigitalVidya

Digital Vidya, which has a reputation for its digital marketing courses, also teaches about content writing in their Content Writing Master Course.


Other program topics include writing for the Internet, content strategy, SEO copywriting and distribution channels, and content marketing. It emphasizes hands-on training through projects and case studies related to the industry.

12. EduPristine

EduPristine also has a Content Writing and Management course focused on content creation and management. In their curriculum, they teach students how to write for various platforms, how to do SEO writing, content strategy, and distribution of content through different channels.

The course seeks to give students real-world experience through practical assignments and industry-related projects to help them learn content writing properly.

13. Manipal ProLearn

A Professional Certificate Program in Content Writing from Manipal ProLearn provides professional training related to writing skills, content marketing, and planning. Their course content covers digital writing, search engine-friendly text improvements, and video production for different media channels.

The program is drafted by industrial experts ‘suggestions and includes training projects for on-the-job skill development.

Criteria for Choosing the Right Institute

Several things are worth considering when selecting a content writing institute. Here are some criteria to help you make an informed decision:


Investigate the institute’s reputation and read copies left behind by former students to understand how good they are.

Course Curriculum

Seek out institutes that teach a full course of study in content writing.

Practical Training

The institute should ensure that there is practical application and opportunity to work on real projects.

Industry Expertise

Make sure that the trainers have experience in the industry before hiring.

Placement Assistance

Institutions that may help with placement, internship, or job notifications will also spur you forward.


Investigate whether the institute has online or classroom education programs to accommodate your time and learning requirements.

Skills Required to be a Good Content Writer

Are you ready to dive into the world of content writing? Whether you’re just starting or looking to polish your skills, there are some non-negotiables you’ve got to master. Let’s break them down, shall we?

Research Like a Pro

Before you start typing, you must hit the books (or, let’s be real, the internet). Good research is your best friend. It’s not just about Googling stuff; it’s about knowing where to look and how to sift through the noise to find those golden nuggets of information.

Write, Write, and Write Some More

Practice makes perfect, right? Your writing needs to be clear, engaging, and error-free. Don’t worry if you’re not the next Shakespeare. What’s important is conveying your message in a way that’s easy to understand and enjoyable to read.

SEO is Your secret Weapon

If you want your content to be found, you’ve got to embrace SEO. Keywords are your allies. But remember, it’s not about stuffing them in; it’s about weaving them into your content naturally.

Be a Chameleon

Adaptability is key in this game. One day, you’re writing a blog post, and the next, a snappy social media update. Each platform has its vibe, and your writing must match that.

Time Management is Everything

Deadlines are a part of the gig. Managing your time effectively means you can keep your clients happy and your stress levels low. Trust me, it’s a skill worth developing.

Originality is Your Ace

Originality will make you stand out in a sea of content. Don’t be afraid to let your unique voice shine through. That’s what will make your readers come back for more.

Edit Like a Boss

Writing is only half the battle. Editing and proofreading are where you polish that rough diamond into a sparkling gem. It’s time-consuming, but oh-so-worth-it.

Communication is Key

Last but not least, talk to your clients, understand their needs, and be open to feedback. It’s all part of the journey.

And there you have it! These skills will set you apart in the content writing world. Remember, every expert was once a beginner. So keep learning, keep growing, and don’t forget to enjoy the process!

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Career Opportunities in Content Writing

As we look towards the upcoming years, the landscape of content writing is evolving, offering many career opportunities. The digital era has amplified the need for skilled content writers across various industries.

For instance, the rise of content marketing has created a demand for writers who can craft compelling stories for brands, helping them connect with their audience more effectively. SEO writing is another area witnessing significant growth. With businesses vying for top spots in search engine results, SEO-savvy writers are increasingly sought after.

Additionally, technical writing and copywriting continue to thrive, catering to specific niches like technology and advertising. The future also hints at the growing importance of video scriptwriting and podcast scripting as multimedia content gains traction.

Overall, the horizon for content writers is broadening, with diverse opportunities emerging in tandem with technological advancements and changing consumer behaviors.

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Which is the best content writing course in India?

The Content Writing Master Course by Content Writing Training is highly regarded in India. It offers comprehensive training covering SEO, blogging, and digital marketing, making it popular among aspiring content writers seeking a well-rounded skill set.

Which is the best content writing company in India?

Cannibals Media, a reputable and highly regarded content-writing company in India, is known for its quality services and diverse offerings. From SEO writing to blog writing and copywriting, Write Right caters to a wide range of domestic and international clients, solidifying its position among the top content-writing companies in India.

Is content writing in demand in India?

Content writing is in high demand in India, driven by the digital marketing boom and the growing need for quality online content. Businesses across sectors increasingly seek skilled writers to enhance their digital presence, making it a promising career choice.

Which degree is suitable for content writing?

While no specific degree is mandatory for content writing, degrees in English, Journalism, or Mass Communication are beneficial. These programs help develop strong writing, research, and analytical skills crucial in content writing.

What is the highest salary of a Content Writer?

The highest salary for a content writer in India can vary widely based on experience and expertise. For instance, senior content writers or those with specialized SEO or technical writing skills can earn upwards of INR 8-10 lakhs per annum, especially in major cities or large corporations. This demonstrates the potential for significant growth in this field.

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