Want to know the top best content writers in the world who make the world’s most powerful, engaging, and compelling stories? The elite writers in this piece have mastered the art of storytelling and communication to bring life-changing content to millions globally.

The best content writers in the world include hugely respected names like Ann Handley, Sonia Simone, Nick Usborne, Demian Farnworth, and Neil Patel. These skilled writers teach, inspire, and change audiences across fields as Chief Content Officers, bestselling authors, bloggers, columnists, and more.

They show the gold standard in research, creativity, simplifying complex topics, and making viral content. This diverse piece covers writers across types, from marketing to finance to travel. Studying these best content writers in the world makers in-depth is helpful for new and experienced people.

best writers in the world

Top 15 Best Content Writers in the World

So, let’s start the list of the best content writers in the world who inspire me and thousands of others through their work:

Ann Handley

She is a Chief Content Officer at a marketing agency named Marketing Profs. It’s a top place globally to learn and get marketing ideas. Ann is a bestselling Wall Street Journal author. Over 1 million business experts use Marketing Profs for expert content from Ann.

Michele Linn

She is the co-founder and works as chief strategy officer at a consultancy named Mantis Research. It’s a top content marketing company. Michele Linn leads sharp minds in creating fascinating content. She co-wrote “Content Inc.”. It revealed proven methods for high-growth business plans.

Barry Feldman

Barry is a talented writer with over 5,000 blogs in different fields. Because of his creativity and expertise, Feldman is known as “The Blogsmith.” His unique, friendly tone allows him to explain even complex topics easily.

Sonia Simone

She is the co-founder and works as a chief content officer at Copyblogger Media. She has been teaching content marketing to many businesses. Simone is best known for the popular Copyblogger FM podcast. She has written over 300 blog posts. Additionally, she covers content planning and more.

Demian Farnworth

Demian has studied Consumer Psychology and English Literature. He’s a talented copywriter who knows how to create engaging content. Demian studies topics and markets widely to create compelling content; this content turns readers into buyers.

Nick Usborne

Nick is a successful writer and ghostwriter. He has written over 107 books on various business subjects. He combines strong research skills with expert writing and editing. Nick owns Nick Usborne Editorial Services. He has helped global clients for 30+ years, providing quality writing, editing, and creative assistance.

Anja Morgensterm Amland

She is the CEO and founder of Norway’s AM Authority. Anja Morgenstern Amland uses her writing skills to help leaders show their brand.

She also allows them to exhibit thought leadership. Her books, online classes, and workshops have helped leaders communicate through content creation. Hundreds have benefited.

Shani Sharma

Shani is an award-winning influencer. She speaks for young Indian women. She owns a blog where she shares her content and a YouTube channel named ShanisChoice.

The blog focuses on marketing advice, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. It gets over 1 million views every month. Shani creates content that her intended audience likes and wants to share. It’s easy for them to relate to.

Farnoosh Torabi

Farnoosh is a personal finance expert. She has appeared on NBC News, TIME, Inc., Glamour, Marie Claire, and other top media outlets.

Her articles and books offer practical money advice made for everyday people. Farnoosh makes finance fun. She uses insightful storytelling about gaining financial freedom.

Tim Ferriss

He is very well-known for his long podcasts, blogs, and books on “lifestyle design.”Tim Ferriss is famous for his popular podcast, The Tim Ferriss Show.

In each episode, he has in-depth discussions about the habits of successful individuals. The podcast episodes are about an hour long. His blog focuses on fast learning. He also emphasizes health tuning and new technology.

Neil Patel

Neil is a co-founder of several successful tech startups. He has helped many businesses grow online. Patel has helped countless companies to develop online globally.

Understanding content and conversion metrics creates practical digital marketing content. Neil shares valuable lessons on his blog. It gets more than a million visits every month.

Sujan Patel

Sujan is the co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Web Profits. Web Profits is a highly respected digital marketing agency, and He shares lessons from years of driving growth for global clients. Sujan adds actionable articles to top business publications.

Glen Allsopp

Glen is a digital entrepreneur, marketing expert, and writer. He is behind ViperChill, a popular marketing and blogging site.

Glen has a lot of experience because he has owned and run many specific websites that make a lot of money yearly. Allsopp understands all aspects of succeeding online. He knows how to attract visitors and improve conversion rates.

Derek Halpern

Halpern has built enormous authority online. He started one of the internet’s top blogs, ‘SocialTriggers.com.’ It focuses on social media marketing and business growth.

He mixed proven psychological principles made for the digital space. Derek produces very shareable content for today’s online business owners.

Glen Hunt

Glen Hunt represents the best in travel writing and photography today. He founded the award-winning online travel magazine DreamPlanGo.

Hunt takes his audience to exotic spots worldwide. He uses rich narratives and stunning visuals. His excellent travel guides and trip stories appeared in popular magazines.


Who is seen as the best content writer globally?

Neil Patel is probably the most influential writer right now. He has had a big impact globally and has a lot of readers. Many other writers have shaped content marketing, including Ann Handley and Sonia Simone. They have made a remarkable impact in their field over the decades.

How much do top content writers charge for their services?

The highest-earning writers easily charge over $100 per hour for content creation. Nick Usborne and Demian Farnworth earn from books, classes, talks, and more.

What is the most vital skill for good content writers?

Craft compelling stories and simplify complex details for everyday readers to understand easily. These skills are essential for effective communication.

Which content writers make the most viral content?

Tim Ferriss, Derek Halpern, and Neil Patel create viral content for social media. They reach wider audiences. Their content marketing skills are very strong.

How can you find talented content writers?

Platforms like Contena, Scripted, and ClearVoice make judging writers convenient. Work samples and client reviews help. It is vital to check subject expertise before hiring.


So, this is my take on the best content writers in the world. They are great at telling stories and communicating effectively. Their content inspires, teaches, and changes audiences globally. Studying their work is highly advised if you want to be a promising writer.

Consistent efforts can unlock potential in writing for those dedicated to excellence. These skilled writers have mastered engaging storytelling and communication. They are diverse, talented, and truly excel in their craft. Their writing can inspire, educate, motivate, and transform audiences worldwide.

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